Förhandlingsbyrån offers leading training in Negotiation Technique - No matter what challenges you face. Through our offer we make sure you reach your full potential as a Negotiator. 

Organizational Coaching

Tailored program with the purpose to develop your employees to become better negotiators and reach more effective agreements


Book an entertaining and inspiring lecture full of advice, techniques and strategies that will make you a better negotiator.  

Individual Coaching 

Designed for the individual who is looking to improve his/hers negotiation skills and achieve real results. 

Case By Case 

Get tailored support and advice if you or your organization are facing specific negotiation challenges. 


"The training was a success! The teammembers have already start using the techniques and seen great results"

Experience the benefits

We live in a world where the resources are getting more limited. The only true competitive advantage in todays business world is an organizations ability to learn faster than its competitors. By connecting with a Negotiation Coach, you will get the unique opportunity to develop your negotiation skills. Discover the tactics, techniques and strategies for reaching more effective agreements, build stronger relationships and get maximal value from your negotiations. 

Get the most out of your deals